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Moving your supply

Who is responsible for what?

Before you progress with your application to physically move an electric meter, a fuse box and even your entire electricity supply within your premises, we just want to make sure that you clearly understand who is responsible for what. There are three aspects to moving your electric meter and fuse box, as well as to move your electric supply, each of which needs different people to be involved - we are only one of them.

We are only permitted to move the cable and fuse that are connected to your meter. We are unfortunately unable to move your meter ourselves; that is the job of your electricity supplier and you have to liaise with them direct to arrange for your meter to be moved. We are also unable to move the internal wiring that connects to your consumer unit, as that is a job for your electrician.

There are, therefore, three people you will have to liaise with to carry out the different parts of the works that are needed to move your electricity supply:

  1. Northern Powergrid - we are responsible for moving the service cable and fuse that is connected to your meter.
  2. Your Electricity Supplier - who own the meter and are responsible for moving your meter on the day of relocation.
  3. Your own Electrician - who will be needed to make any necessary changes to the wiring inside your property connecting the meter to your consumer unit.

Throughout the service alteration process, we will keep you informed of progress of the work that we need to do. However, you must remember that as well as speaking to us, you will have to speak to your electricity supplier and your electrician as well as to arrange with them to carry out their necessary parts of the move such that on the day that you arrange your supply to be moved.

On the day you move your electric meter:

We will be on site to move the service cable that is connected to your meter.

You will need to ensure that your Electricity Supplier has arranged for someone to be on site to move their meter.

You have your electrician on site to make any necessary changes to the wiring inside your property.